Cooken Meeting Minutes 2017/2018





February Minutes- in Lost and Found.  No business was conducted.



Jan 8, 2018  

     This meeting was cancelled due to bad weather.




Dec 9 ,2017

  Warner Student Center OSU/COTC Newark Campus

  ·        Meeting called to order by President Russ Payne- W8ATA at 12:00 hrs.

·           W3HKK updated us on recent contesting and DX chasing.  His station scored high nationally on the December 160 meter contest. A group discussion followed on reviving the old Cooken Animals contesting spirit in 2018.  Several members indicated an interest especially during the 2018 Field Day.  More on this later as plans firm up to set at the Kendall Retirement center near Granville this year.

W8ATA led a discussion on ARES support of the upcoming ( expected) relocation of the 911 Center and the Emergency Operations Center to the old Newark Air Force Base area.  Several issues need resolution related to antennas at the new location.  Russ will closely follow the deliberations and planning to insure we have a means of locating our amateur station at the new location.

W5UHQ presented a summary of ideas on how to restore interest in the club.  We have had a major reduction in membership and attendance this past year and a lively discussion followed.  No firm plans were made.

W8ATA presented an email from Scott England on why he thinks COOKEN is overlooking new hams who need more hand holding during their first couple of years.  Scott’s school schedule did not allow him to be present at the meeting so we tabled his request until such time he can make the plea directly to the membership.  We did vote to make the next meeting ( now scheduled for Feb 3) on antennas for new hams.  Hopefully we can reach some of the newer hams in Licking County ( members or not) to attend this show and tell along with a forum from some of our more experienced members.

K8NQ offered to ask KB8YOK to repeat his Service Monitor Demonstration along with checking deviation and frequency.  Tom presented this program to NARA earlier in 2017 with good results.

N8WL reported a successful emergency exercise at Kendal. This exercise demonstrated to Kendal management the viability of having a ham station at the center for back up communications during emergencies.  It also led to an invitation for COOKEN to activate 2018 Field Day Station at that site.

KD8DZ made a motion for meeting to close at 1420 local.  It was seconded and approved.

Refreshments were shared by all.


 November and October 2017

       Minutes lost.



Aug 12, 2017

·        Location: Warner Student Center OSU/COTC Newark Campus

·        Meeting called to order by President Russ Payne- W8ATA at 12:00 hrs.

·        Meeting Attendees:

o       Mike Neal WD8JLP

o       Eldon Patterson W5UHQ

o       Jim Williams N8IBR

o       Mike Mickelson KD8DZ

o       Russ Payne W8ATA

o       Connie Barsky WD8ODC

o       Steve Katz N8WL

o       Weldon Matthews K8NQ


·        Members asked to introduce themselves.

·        July Meeting Minutes were Mike Neal

o       Motion to approve by: Mike Mickelson, Seconded by: Weldon Matthews

o       Minutes approved:


·        Treasurer’s Report given by W8ATA

o       Fund Balance: $652.00

o       Yearly dues are currently due.

o       You can send checks for your yearly dues to Treasurer Alan

o       Send Checks to Alan Rothweiler

                            340 Gregory Dr.

                             Newark, OH 43055

o       Currently have 10 paid Members.

o       Motion to approve by: Jim Williams, Seconded by: Connie

o       Motion approved.


·        Committee Reports:

o       Contesting: No Report

o       ARES:

o        Hartford Fair mission cancelled.


o       CERT:  Mike N. made a report about WWII parking detail needed 26 Oct at Newark Heath airport.

o        Mike N. gave a report that CERT is trying to get interest for radio communication with in CERT membership. CERT became aware of this need during the flood deployments.  No radios were available and much needed. The training would be for the FRS radios that they currently have.

o       Mike N reported that the attendance in the bi-weekly nets were extremely low. Weldon suggested the Lori help by sending out e-mails prior the nets.


·        Old Business: None


·        New Business:

o       Weldon reported the NARA meeting scheduled for Aug 26 would include a discussion on Fox Hunting.

o       Russ reported that a few things have been completed on the tower at the EOC

o       An NVIS antenna to be erected.

o       No 60m antenna is currently erected. Eldon reported the 60m was to be used during the upcoming SET in October. Russ stated that one could be erected soon.

o       Currently there is only 1 HF rig at the EOC.

o       Russ reported the 6m antenna was up and operating. A QSO had be accomplished with Mike KD8DZ.

o       Eldon reported that it was the time of year to appoint new officers.

§        Steve made a motion to re-elect the current officers.

§        A friendly adminment was made to replace the current Vice president with Mike Mickelson (KD8DZ).

§        Motion to accept the motion was made by Steve 2nd by Eldon. Motion passed. New Officers President Russ Payne (W8ATA), Vice President Mike Mickelson (KD8DZ), Secretary Mike Neal (WD8JLP), Treasurer Alan Rothwieler (KD8TNS).


·        Upcoming events:  No report


·        Motion to Adjourn:  By:    Mike N ,  Seconded By: Eldon

·     Meeting was adjourned a 12:26.


·     Monthly class was presented by: Mike (KD8DZ) on the upcoming eclipse.


Minutes were taken by:  Mike Neal WD8JLP



September 2017

Meeting Canceled due to conflicts


October 2017

Meeting Canceled due to conflicts