Central Ohio Operator’s Klub Extra-Novice ( COOKEN)

You are now viewing the new wordpress 5.3.2 version of our old Cooken Website with a bottom up rebuild in progress.

Bear with us as we add new pages, photos, files, blogs, and calendar events. A link to our Facebook Public Group is on the f symbol on the header of every page of this site. This is a much underused service we set up but have not used that much.

I have decided to keep the KeepandShare service active until we can gain confidence in , Facebook, WordPress or Groups.io to fill that void. We still have many reference files on Keepandshare. Just click the tile below and and enter the PW = webmaster2 if it asks for a password.

We also have a new group email system at https://groups.io/g/cooken set up as a general use reflector but with many free features we should take advantage. You may share group communication on that system without listing your email address to all which is the best advantage over having everyone Else’s email in your contact list.

Contact the group owner e l d o n 1639@gmail.com ( no spaces in real link hidden here for spam minimization ) for more info on joining up with that reflector as part of your membership in Cooken.

We do not plan to use the email or group email features of IONOS WordPress at this time due to all the security issues of being a postmaster in these times.


Eldon, W5UHQ is taking on pro-bono support of this site as a learning project for branching into WordPress hosting which is not simple for an old html hacker. Hosting , template purchase, and registration is not free and any donations to Cooken to help defray the costs will be appreciated. This free support is subject to end at any time and since this is experimental, information can not be guaranteed accurate at all times.