COOKEN Net Times and Frequencies
as of 02/07/2017


Day Net Type  Frequency NCS


Eyeball Fellowship

We sponsor a lunch get together every Tuesday at 11:45 at rotating restaurants here in Licking County.  Contact the President for getting on mailing list or check the all ham calendar on this site.  These eyeball GTs are for all.  You do not have to be a COOKEN member to attend.  These are fellowship meetings, no ham business or whining allowed.


20-20000 Hz No One
Sundays 6 meter SSB Rag Chew   21:00 (9:00pm) Eastern Time

This is a rag chew informal nets with no scripts or preambles.  Cooken firmly believes there is life beyond the FM repeater and promotes experimenting with other frequencies and modes  all available to Technician class and higher hams. Everyone is welcome to check in.

We will also be runing some nets on FM, same frequency later this spring when more get their vertical antennas up.


50.500 MHz  USB KD8DZ


Exploring FLDIGI net. After the ragchew

 This net is for Licking County Hams to test their FLDIGI setups.  Our home frequency on six meters was chosen because of it's coverage and relatively lonely use.  We will also be exploring other bands, modes, and frequencies.  Contact  for more info and specific schedules for each week

50.500  FM


default mode



* We try to monitor 145.700 FM simplex as an event/net  coordination frequency for the special nights.

We have gone exclusively to Six meters for Rag Chew since it seems to be the best band that covers the entire county well.