and Mail Reflector


We have been using KeepandShare ( A cloud storage and sharing service) to supplement our COOKEN website with the ability for members to post information, files, events, calendars, photos, etc  for Almost Instant Sharing with other members for several years now.


Under their new user rules, we have created a Single User (solo) paid account as a non profit organization that costs us $6.30 a month which the club has voted to pay and I as webmaster think that is a good deal for what it gives us.  That account is still called “COOKEN”


That account will continue to be linked to our website to allow browsing of the blogs, files, calendars, by anyone navigating our URL.   In other words, you do not have to be signed in to read any of the public pages on KeepandShare.


However, In order to write to the cloud or view private material, you must be logged into KeepandShare with either that name and password or your own name which is linked to it as a friend.


The easiest way to do this is to close any KeepandShare account names you currently use including cookenmember  or ones with your name which has been deleted from the Cooken friend list..


You then should create your own new private Solo account.  Don’t panic when you create the account, you will get 30 days of free unlimited capability in your own space and then assuming you do not opt for your own storage quota at 30 day point, your account will revert to a limited rights account at the end of 30 days.  One of the features you still have is that once COOKEN  friends your new name, we can grant members and board read and write access to the COOKEN files still free of charge to each member.


It is important that you use your new name which we have standardized as  “callsignCooken”  Case insensitive. Some of you have your own individual accounts from the previous system.  Most of these have been closed anyway and I  urge you to use the common naming scheme so we all know who posts what.               


For example   Mike Neal’s new user name is WD8JLPcooken.  That logs into his space but since he is a “friend” of Cooken,  he can also gain access to all the shared Cooken files when he navigates there  either via the website links or in the KEEPANDSHARE portal front door and enters Cooken if he just wants to browse all the content in the KEEPANDSHARE Cooken cloud space.


Once you create your own account, you can leave the “remember me on this computer box” checked when you log in the first time and you should never have to log in again.                                      

 If you need to post,  please contact the Club executive board and they will pass on the Cooken user name and password for write access.

Step by Step Instructions for COOKEN members.


Go to:




  1. Make sure you are not already logged in with an old login picked up by your cookies.  Click logout if that is the case.  You can delete that old account anytime.  Then go back to step 1.


  1. Then click the “Try it for Free” button.


  1. The site should ask you to enter your email that it will use to shake hands with you to start your free subscription.


  1. You should immediately receive an authentication email that helps identify who is who.


  1. There should be a yellow authentication link on that email.


  1. I clicked it and it did not work with my email/ browser combination so I took their  alternate suggestion path of copying the big long authentication URL below the yellow button to browser.


  1. There I entered w5uhqcooken   as a  new user name in place of the suggested name they gave me based on my email , name, etc, you need to do the same substituting your callsign.


  1. I went ahead and filled out the form and selected solo account for my own personal account which is called w5uhqcooken .


  1. This will get you a private full solo account for 30 days.  If you do not subscribe within 30 days  ( which I would not expect anyone to do ) it reverts to a free account with limited privileges they list on the help file..


  1. Once that new account becomes friends with "cooken" you will see and be able it write anything that your friend ID allows you.


  1. Since we will be using your private account essentially for read access, I do not think any of the "free" restrictions other than some pop up adds once in awhile will limit its usefulness.


  1.  Most of the questions and issues folks have complained about can be answered by taking the time to watch one or more of their tutorials. Take the time now and familiarize yourself with the service.


  1. Once you get your own account working and you have the feel for the navigation,  the next thing you need to do is log into to it with your new username and password. I suggest a shortcut to   and save it as a favorite.  To avoid having to log in after you are already in the main Cooken website, do you’re Keepandshare Login first.  On my system, that link adjusts to point to my private account every time I click it.  You never know what other browsers and operating systems will do, so you are on your own here.



  1. Make sure you go to the add friends screen  and search and add "Cooken" as one of your friends.  It should find it and then you confirm it.


  1. Since members will hopefully deposit information they wish to share in the shared Cooken area and not their own space, you should not need to add other members to your friends list.



  1. Email your new account name ( not the password which is personal to you) to .  That will allow Eldon to add your name on the Cooken end of the friendship link. You may be denied write access to some objects until that handshake happens.


  1. Once you do that ,a new button will show up on left side which says Visit Friends Shares.


  1. As soon as you click that button, you will see all the shared files, calendars, etc,  that the Cooken administrator has shared with you.  You may see some files and folders that you can read but not write to.  Those folders are reserved for board write access only (i.e.  Member lists etc). Many of the KeepandShare data objects are linked into the main website.  These include the blog, and Licking Ham Calendar which is open to the public.  Once again, if you only want to read those data items, there is no need to log into KeepandShare.


  1. You should then try it out by adding a new comment on the blog screen you get every time  is launched.




Anyone who needs to regularly post info to the KEEPANDSHARE file areas has been given the administrative password for our paid main account or may obtain it any time by sending an email to

 We hope that this workaround will be satisfactory.  The alternative would have been to create a multi user account which is cost prohibitive in our case.

 Please let webmaster  know if you have any problems, suggestions for improvement, or things you would like to see implemented.


Voluntary Membership to the Mail Reflector

On this web page paid members can subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, the mailing list c o o k e n m e m b e r  @c o o k e n.o r g  ( No spaces in the real group address).As a member you are free to use this group email to address current members. Be advised though that addresses not on the opt in  list will not receive forwards nor will they be able to post without Moderator approval. Any opting in that is not a  COOKEN member is subject to removal by the Postmaster.

You need to sign in with an address that is used both to send and receive emails.  If for some reason your POP3 and SMTP address are different, you will not be able to send to this reflector due to the security features built in.  This effects alias addresses such as c a l l @ a r r l. n e t   etc.  Since the individual emails are not divulged to other members or on any website, it should be safe to share your POP3/SMTP address  here.

Also, once you are a member of the list and wish to reply to an incoming  message:

Use the default c o o k e n m e m b e r  as the reply to address only if you want your reply to go entire list.  If you want to send a private response ...say to the originator of a thread.....that is a standard message from you to them....there is no need to use the reflector for that purpose. Depending on the originators mail settings, that address may be included to excluded from the group message. An easy way to do that is to click Forward to that one person instead of clicking reply to.

One problem we have with this reflector is telling your email program that this is a legal address that you do not want replies sent to your spam filter.  Since the"opt in" process requires a two way handshake of who is whom, you must be sure your email program will not throw out the first message from reflector just checking to make sure you are who you say and have not mis-typed your address.

You can alleviate that by adding the group address to your white list ( if you have that feature) or simply addressing a "dummy" outgoing email to our address before "opting in" as described below:


Yes, I want to become a member of the mail reflector  list c o o k e n m e m b e
Please remove me from mail reflector  list c o o k e n m e m b e
Members, Enter your POP/SMTP e-mail address:

Members, Please confirm your POP/SMTP e-mail address:

You should receive a confirmation when your address is added and then you can both send and receive via this address until you opt out. Make sure you reply to the first message the mail program will send you after you change your member status.  This part of the handshake to insure that you are you.  If you do not receive a reply, please re-read the steps above carefully, opt-out, then repeat the process.



All members are encouraged to use the reflector for cooken business or general QST messages to the member list .  Please report any spam you receive addressed to the group postmaster. Your email address will not be divulged anywhere or published on the site.  It will be used strictly for group correspondence within the group.  However, Your reply to address may be part of you postings depending on your mail program settings.  If you wish that to be anonymous, do not include it in your outgoing settings (SMTP side ) for that account.  See the setup options for your mail program, COOKEN is not responsible for what your mail program inserts on your messages.


Also, although the User ID "c o o k e n m e m b e r"  is the same, this service is entirely separate from KeepandShare.