By-Laws of Cooken

As Amended December 10, 2011



1. Secretary - It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep the constitution and By-Laws of the club and have the same with him/her at every meeting. He/she shall note all amendments, changes, and additions on the constitution and shall permit it to be consulted by members upon request.


2. Membership - Full is open to licensed amateurs. Associate membership is open to those actively engaged in a class leading to an Amateur Radio license and all other interested persons. Full membership includes all club privileges as well as rights to hold club office and to vote for club officers. Associate membership includes all club privileges except for the right to hold office and to vote for club officers. Applications for membership shall be submitted at regular meetings.


3. Meetings - Regular meetings shall be held on the second Saturday of each calendar month. Special meetings may be called by the President upon written request of any five club members. Notices shall be sent to members concerning special meetings and the business to be transacted. Only such business as designated shall be transacted. Such notices shall be sent so that they arrive not less than 24 hours before the meeting.


4. Dues - A regular assessment of $1.00 per month per member is hereby assessed in accordance with provisions of Article V of the constitution for the purpose of providing funds for expenses.  Dues for all regular members shall be payable to the Treasurer on a yearly basis during the first quarter of each club year ( July -Sept ) and prorated monthly for those joining after July 1.  The Treasurer will send an email message to all members during the month of July reminding members of the dues assessment.


Special Dues Provisions:


A.   Family memberships -  There will be a 50% reduction in dues for each additional member in a multi-ham family.


B.    Student memberships -  Any Cooken member still in school ( high school or college) is entitled to a 50% reduction in dues.  This  can  not be combined with the family reduction  above.


C.    New Hams -  Any new Cooken member that is first licensed after the beginning of our Club calendar year ( July 1) is  exempt from dues that first year  as an honorary full privilege member for the remainder of that year..


D.  Associate Members  -    Associate members are not required to pay dues during the remainder of  their first club calendar year of  membership.


E.  The maximum number of free months is twelve (12) in cases where both C. and  D. apply.



5. Interference committee - This committee shall consist of five members (appointed by the club President). The committee shall direct investigation, proper inquiries, establish technical facts and testimony and report its results to the club.




6.  VE Testing -  Cooken,  as a  club established primarily to promote High Frequency (HF) incentive activity, will refund VE fees for  passed, Cooken sponsored,  exam session ( per ARRL VEC program)  to any full or associate member in good standing.  All test fees must be paid to the VE in Charge prior to testing.  Refunds for passed test fee will be issued by the Cooken Treasurer within 30 days upon presentation of the new license and verification of current membership. This testing session ( conducted at a date and time agreeable by the Cooken VEC team) may include from one to three elements during that session provided the candidate successfully qualifies for a single  VEC imposed fee.  Should the candidate fail in his / her attempt to obtain a new/upgrade  license and/or request a second attempt that day for failed element(s), said candidate shall not be reimbursed for any VEC imposed charges for failed portions of the exam(s) or exam retest attempts.  The policy also applies to existing full members for upgrades. The VE imposed fees change from time to time and can always be found on the ARRL web site.   This upgrade privilege can be used once per COOKEN fiscal year by all members and is not retroactive.



7.  Elmering Program - Cooken shall promote an Elmering program to assign experienced Elmers to each Technician or General licensee who joins the club or obtains their first license while a member, members desiring tutoring for an upgrade to General or Extra Class license, or those just wanting to enjoy some new specialized aspect or mode of the hobby.  This group of Elmer's will also share duties of coaching advanced exam theory reviews after meetings. A listing of available Elmer's ( including subject matter expertise ) shall be listed on the club website. The main thrust of the Elmering program shall be to cover the gap between getting that first license and becoming an active ham with all privileges. 



5. Interference committee - This committee shall consist of five members (appointed by the club President). The committee shall direct investigation, proper inquiries, establish technical facts and testimony and report its results to the club.



Appendix A   Continuing Resolution 2011-1:


The following  Resolution was adopted at the December 10, 2011 Cooken meeting.  The purposed was to document a proposed method of handling QSLs of our three club calls until a more formal By Law is adopted.  Bob,  W3HKK was also voted to head this ex-officio appointment.